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          Working & Learning
          Toward a Beautiful Life.

          Job Search

          Advantech Culture

          Enabling an Intelligent Planet

          Advantech will embrace the vision of a "Enabling an Intelligent Planet", strive the successful experience of the concept of altruism, and develop the benefits of industrial clusters, with a view to establishing a virtuous causal cycle Become an outstanding industry leader, and share prosperity with the society.

          Global RBU

          Corporate Social Responsibility

          Advantech Life

          ABLE Club

          The ABLE Club is a symbol of "A", dvantech, "B", and "L" if "E". Through a series of sports activities such as sports, music, art, and love, ABLE The Club platform establishes the most effective communication and communication channels for employees, family members and society, and is also the best practice for Advantech's "work, study, and love".

          ABLE Club Website

          Advantech Share

          Provide a diverse and open working environment . Advantech people not only enjoy working, but also gain a sense of accomplishment and recognition.

          Advantech School

          Advantech has designed a series of educational training programs for elites, from ten core courses, case studies, reading clubs, digital learning to LEAP Camp, etc. A global growth platform that focuses on learning, so that all active Advantech elites continue to grow and progress.

          Able Club

          The ABLE Club is a symbol of "A", dvantech, "B", and "L" if "E". Through a series of sports activities such as sports, music, art, and love, ABLE The Club platform establishes the most effective communication and communication channels for employees, family members and society, and is also the best practice for Advantech's "work, study, and love".

          ABLE Club Website

          Advantech Share

          Provide a diverse and open working environment . Advantech people not only enjoy working, but also gain a sense of accomplishment and recognition.

          Advantech School

          Advantech has designed a series of educational training programs for elites, from ten core courses, case studies, reading clubs, digital learning to LEAP Camp, etc. A global growth platform that focuses on learning, so that all active Advantech elites continue to grow and progress.

          We have excellent opportunities for works and growth. We invite partners with passion, enthusiasm and vision to join Advantech and enjoy it!

          Job Vacancy

          Elite Recruiting Project

          1 2 3
          Elite Champion

          The "Elite Champion" interviewed by the chairman, Mr. KC,Liu . High-potential elites with 3-10 years of work experience are invited to join IoT-related business development, product planning, solutions project planning, marketing planning, human resources, corporate social responsibility and other fields!

          Apply for Jobs


          "Elite100 " adheres to the concept of "Right People on Bus" and replaces the traditional recruitment by reserve talents. The main recruitment targets are mainly young people with less than three years of work experience or fresh graduates.

          Elite100 Website

          Elite100 Internship

          In order to enable students to experience the workplace environment through learning, A + talents in the Internet of Things industry, Advantech Foundation and Advantech jointly promote "Elite100 Internship". With the Early Design concept, they respectively launched UX-ID Early for product innovation concept design Design and WISE-PaaS IoT Early Design, which conducts early tests of IoT cloud platform applications, recruits young talents such as industrial design, user situation design and design, software development, marketing, etc. Factories, smart communities, smart services, smart medical care, smart agriculture, energy conservation and environmental protection are all innovating.

          Elite100 Internship Website

          Recruitment Process

          • Application Submission

            You can create a profile and complete and apply your interested application on Advantech careers website .

          • Application Review

            Your application will be reviewed by HR and hiring managers to ensure that you meet the criteria of the job opening.

          • First Interview

            Selected qualified candidates will be invited for a first interview.

          • Final Interview

            First interviews qualified will be scheduled to join final interview .

          • Job Offer & Welcome

            If you are selected, HR will contact you and send you an offer letter for employment, which will include your on-board date, starting salary, and our pre-employment process.

          • On-Boarding

            Once you accept the offer, HR will work with you to initiate on-boarding activities.


          • Advantech will put the latest job vacancy information on Advantech's official website and the Job website. If you are interested in joining Advantech, you are welcome to submit your resume directly. The Hiring managers will review your resume and we'll contact with you soon.

          • After you submit your resume, it takes about 7 days to review the resume. If your qualifications meet our requirement, HR team will contact you to confirm the details of the interview. If there is no suitable job vacancy, your resume information will be stored in Advantech's talent database. If there is a more appropriate opportunity in the future, you will be invited to come to Advantech for interviews.

          • The results of the interview will be evaluated 5-7 days after the interview, and you will be notified of the result of the evaluation. If you pass the assessment, we will contact you as soon as possible and doing the hiring process.

          • After Advantech arranges the interview time with you, an interview confirmation letter will be mail to you. Before the interview, please use the link on the letter to enter Advantech's recruitment system to complete the personnel information form so that the employer can have more complete information for the interview.

          • Advantech provides a comfortable and friendly working environment and atmosphere. There is no requirement for clothing for interviews and work. You only need to wear comfortable and consistent etiquette. Compared to your clothing, we attach more importance to your outstanding performance in technical ability and personal characteristics.

          • The Advantech interview process will focus on understanding your professional skills and personal characteristics, so the interview time will be about 60 to 90 minutes.

          • If you are interested in similar positions with Advantech, or have accumulated more complete work experience, we welcome you to apply for Advantech positions again, and the recruitment team will evaluate and review as soon as possible.

            • ◆ Salary welfare: year-end bonus, performance bonus, employee dividend, annual salary raise, birthday gift
            • ◆ Leisure benefits: domestic tourism, movie appreciation, accommodation vouchers, departmental meals, quarterly birthday party, daily tea time
            • ◆ Other benefits: employee restaurants and cafes, group insurance, health examination, family day, club activities

          • Let talents develop an international perspective. Internal rotation and expatriation are excellent channels for learning and growth. Advantech has short-term and long-term outreach training programs, allowing talents to develop diverse international perspectives through the change of working environment and jobs, and also to achieve valuable mission experience by achieving mission goals.

          • Advantech provides the [Advantech College Online Learning Platform] to allow global employees to learn Advantech's business philosophy and corporate culture through online learning, and to learn the latest learning information according to their own needs. Effectively expand the global perspective and connotation of Advantech Chinese, and effectively achieve the benefits of collaboration, integration & leverage of learning resources.

          • Advantech believes that outstanding A + companies should strive for Greatness rather than self-limitation as a Good company. We believe that only by being the best in everything and being in a leading position can we become an excellent enterprise. We always adhere to the attitude of "prefer to be small, but be the most advanced in the professional field". Instead of being complacent in pursuit of high profits, we can maintain our outstanding position for a long time through the practice of altruistic spirit.

          Welcome to contact us

          Email | Career@advantech.com.tw

          Contact Advantech


          Contact Advantech

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